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Valerie, Wylie, and Xana Stilettos by Felicity 50% Off (Steals and Deals)

November 22, 2013

Steals and Deals Weekend Sales = 50% Off Shoes

November 22, 2013 to November 25, 2013

175L each pair until midnight Monday, November 25th.

Felicity (Shoes and Stilettos) at Emerald Bay

50% Off = 175L

*Felicity* Valerie Stilettos in Stitched Charcoal and Stitched Brown.

*Felicity* Wylie Stilettos in Rust Suede, Gold Suede, and Brown Suede.

*Felicity* Xana Stilettos in Lilac Suede, Green Suede, and Brown Suede.









NEW *Felicity* Trista Stilettos from last weekend’s sale are also available again this weekend.

*Felicity* Trista Stilettos in Faux Tiger Print:  Brown, Orange, White.




Felicity Main Store: Felicity at Emerald Bay

Other Felicity Locations:

My small store with a limited selection: Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum

New Shoes Location: Felicity (Shoes) at Huineng


Felicity – Shoes and Stilettos Main Blog:

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Felicity Main Store:

Felicity (Shoes and Stilettos) at Emerald Bay

List of items, shoes, stilettos, high heels, and ladies footwear at this location:

Other Felicity Locations:

Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum (My small store with a limited amount of shoes and stilettos, but the newest footwear can be found here as well as the other locations.)

Click to see the current shoes, stilettos, and high heels inventory at this location:

Felicity (Shoes) at Huineng (New location with the newest shoes and some of my customers’ favorites!)

Click to see the current shoes, stilettos, and high heels inventory at this location:


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